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Fitness Tracker Jewelry

Without the Bonitas International touch, wearable fitness trackers are plain, boring and utilitarian. Thankfully, we’ve created a way for you to LOOK your best as you FEEL your best. 

Our Fit&Fab Fitness Tracker Jewelry allows today’s active woman to step out in style with every step she takes. Not only will these easy-to-attach jewelry accessories add bling and beauty to your attire, they pair perfectly with our entire BooJee line! 

The real beauty of these pieces is that they fit on a range of tracker bands. Our Wide Fit&Fab styles easily slide onto a Fitbit ChargeTM, & ChargeTM HR and more. Our Narrow Fitness Trackers simply slide onto a Fitbit FlexTM, Fitbit AltaTM, Jawbone Up 2, 3 & 4 and more. 

Embrace The 4 Billion+ Fitness Tracker Market! 
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