About Us

How we made functional fabulous

Anyone can create a product that solves a problem OR makes people feel good about themselves. Sisters-in-law, Lisa Harrington and Kimberly Martinez, were inspired to create a product line that does both. 


Their mission began 17 years ago. Lisa worked as a pediatric nurse and was required to wear an employee ID badge. Her 8 year-old daughter Katie created a beaded necklace for her mom to wear so she could “remember her” while she was at work.  Lisa clipped her ID to the beaded necklace and a new product category was born!  Her co-workers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital loved the concept and were clamoring for one of their own. Lisa and Katie created a cottage business making and selling these beaded ID necklaces that allowed for creative expression and personality at work, replacing the boring “shoe lace” style lanyards and badge reels provided by the hospital security department. 


Lisa shared the overwhelming response to her ID necklaces with her sister-in-law Kimberly, at a family Christmas dinner.   Kimberly, a former Fortune 50 executive and mother of 3 who had been downsized as a result of the events of 9/11, saw a huge business

opportunity in Lisa’s story. Fueled by adrenaline and 

outline a rough business plan on the back of a Christmas card envelope.  The following morning she convinced Lisa that they needed to free working women around the world from the fashion disaster that comes from wearing an employee ID badge and Bonitas International was born! 


This synergy of invention, timing and courage allowed them to create not only a thriving business, but an entire new category in the fashion accessory world.  The fact is that women own 50% of the businesses in the United States, yet less than 3% ever achieve sales over $1 million. Bonitas International smashed through that milestone in their 3rd year of business. A certified Women-Owned Business, Bonitas has been listed on the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing, privately-held businesses the last four years. 


Today the company is the market leader in the niche category of Identification Jewelry. Their product collections have expanded to include retractable badge reel jewelry, fashion ribbon lanyards and on trend beaded and chain lanyards, as well as mask lanyards.  

Boojee ID jewelry makes the perfect gift for yourself or any working woman who wants to identify with style! 


  • Bonitas International is  the category creator and  global leader in Identification (ID) jewelry

  • Proudly listed on the INC 5000; Americas fastest growing companies 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015 

  • Certified Woman Owned business (WBE) & Small Business (WSOB)

  • 15 years of expertise brings unrivaled insight into consumer buying patterns maximizing gross profit margin and increasing turns.

  • Our design team produces on trend products every 120 days maintaining freshness and customer interest.

  • Display “your way” with fully customizable merchandising programs.

  • We produce quality products with attractive price points designed to delight your customers.

  • State of the art 15,000 SQ FT distribution facility opened in 2016 is EDI and ASN equipped.

  • Our dedicated, responsive and experienced account teams are committed to your success

  • Experienced & nimble DSV supporting e-commerce platforms. 

  • All factory partners are ISO 9001 certified: many are ASO 400

  • Factories are audited for social, safety and  environmental compliance.

  • Dunn & Bradstreet rated: 2

  • AM Best rated commercial liability insurance.