Wear your ID with Style

BooJee™, our flagship brand, empowers women to express their personal style while wearing identification. 


Women who like style, attention to detail and take care to accessorize their carefully chosen outfits love the BooJee™ brand!  We also offer collections with coordinating earrings, bracelets and more to complete the look.  Women who want the best choose the BooJee™ brand!

BooJee™ collections are designed with high quality stones, beads, unique chains and fashion elements.  Our retractable badge reel jewelry offers gorgeous dimensional embellishments in a variety of materials to create looks from chic to sparkling. Your customer will enjoy choosing from a range of design themes from classic to the latest hot trends.  We relentlessly pursue the latest fashion and color trends, as well as customer feedback to ensure that we have the best product available on the market.   

If you have to wear an ID, why not do it with style?...  BooJee™ Style!

We relentlessly pursue the latest fashion and color trends. 
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