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Making functional fashionable since 2003

We believe in enabling working women to identify with style.

You have choices! For the 165 million people in the US workforce alone, our collections of trendy lanyards and badge reels represent an upgrade to the boring badge reels and shoelace style lanyards given to them by "Marty In Security."

Women and men around the world should freely identify with style. For 19 years, we have been the category creator & leader of innovative employee ID badge accessories.

You want branded and private label programs? Not a problem at all -- we offer them exclusively for our reseller partners. 

Your target retail price points and margins drive our private label programs.

ID accessory jewelry is an impulse item. The typical consumer purchasing 2.6 units per sale adding and incremental spend at the register with an increase in basket size.

We have sold 260,000 units per week for the last 13 weeks with a long term mass market retail partner.

An appearance on a national DRTV show with a 30 second product airtime drove 8,000 consumers to a to purchase 24,000 units generating $250,000 in sales revenue at full retail.

Our "Display Your Way" programs offer you an exceptionally durable, high-quality and permanent option to suit your visual merchandise preferences.

  • Floor Spinner

  • Slat Wall

  • Counter-top Spinner

Additionally, you can take advantage of our in and out display programs:

  • Clip Strips

  • Side Kick

  • End Cap displays


BooJee™, our flagship brand, empowers women to express their personal style while wearing identification. 


Your customers like style, attention to detail and take care to accessorize their carefully chosen outfits. They love the BooJee™ brand!  We offer collections with coordinating earrings, bracelets and more to complete the look.  Women who want the best choose the BooJee™ brand!

 Your customer will enjoy choosing from a range of design themes from classic to hot trends.  We relentlessly pursue the latest fashion and color trends, as well as customer feedback to ensure that we have the best product available on the market.  BooJee™  collections are designed with high quality stones, beads, unique chains and fashion elements. Our retractable badge reel jewelry offers gorgeous dimensional embellishments in a variety of materials to create looks from chic to sparkling.  

Do you have to wear an ID? Then do it with style?...  BooJee™ Style!

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Wear your identification with style! 

ID Avenue™, offers an affordable range of jewelry from fun to on-trend fashion and everything in between.
We have your customer covered!  


ID necklaces include beaded and chain with delightful, surprising fashion elements.  ID Avenue™ Ribbons are soft, durable, and versatile and finished with a coordinating retractable fashion badge reel.  The collection runs the gamut from whimsy to classic with beautiful patterns, sassy sayings and popular icons.  ID Avenue™ badge reel jewelry allows those who prefer to wear a clip-on retractable a huge selection of dimensional decorations in a range of materials and looks. 

Your customers, more than a name, title and department, have amazing personalities and styles. Our ID Avenue™ Collection makes everyone’s uniqueness shine through -- which leads to a lot more sales!

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